The Lactic Acid Bacteria Industrial Platform (LABIP) will offer an award to a mid-career senior researcher based on outstanding excellence in LAB research with industrial relevance.

In 2014 at LAB11 this award of 2000 € has been given to Bas Teusink for the way he is moving the field by the application of bioinformatics and systems biology, needed to handle big data in the field of metabolomics and analysis of complex microbial communities. It was considered that these approaches will also become more and more relevant for industrial application of these fields.

Earlier winners of this prestigious prize have been Michiel Kleerebezem (LAB8, 2005), Joel Doré (LAB9, 2008) and Sylvan Moineau (LAB10, 2011).

In addition 3 poster awards of 500 € each will be awarded based on the same criteria as for the mid-career senior researcher.

All prizes will be selected through a rigorous selection process by the Steering Committee of LABIP. A first selection will be based on the abstracts, the final selection is based on the actual poster and if possible the presentation by the main poster presenter.

All awards will be presented by the LABIP Chairman at Wednesday August 30 during the Symposium dinner.